Asphalt – Seal Coating

As a trusted expert and professional for over 30 years, Matas Paving & Sealcoating is a leader in asphalt paving, sealcoating, and repairs.

We are the asphalt maintenance provider you can trust! Many sealcoating service providers vary in sealcoating quality for many reasons. Beware of those who will add more water to your sealcoating mix than what the manufacturer recommends in order to increase more yield. It is vital to use the correct amount to ensure your sealcoating solution properly protects your pavement. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating ensures you the absolute best quality sealcoating that will preserve your pavement and investment over a long period of time.

Although asphalt is preferred for parking lots and roadways for its excellent waterproofing, flexibility and adhesive properties at an affordable cost, it must be properly maintained in order to avoid serious damage.

6 Reasons to Have Matas Paving Sealcoat Your Asphalt Pavement:


  1. Beautification

    Improves the appearance of your asphalt with a rich, velvety black finish. Pavement gains a “like new” appearance, which projects a positive image for your company and property.

  2. Cost Effective

    The price of new asphalt will always be affected by crude oil. Alternatively, the cost of sealcoating is a fraction of an asphalt overlay. Sealcoating can extends the life of existing asphalt immensely at a minimal cost.

  3. Slows Oxidation and Water Penetration

    Sealcoating fills voids, reducing exposure to oxygen, moisture, and UV rays. It prevents moisture from rain and snow from seeping into your asphalt pavement that may cause cracks and potholes It also protects against the sun’s rays, which can wear away 50% of your asphalt’s original thickness in just 5 years! .

  4. Resists Oil and Gas Spills

    Gasoline and oil breaks cause chemical corrosion that breaks down unsealed asphalt. Seal coating reduces gas and oil penetration into the asphalt.

  5. Easier to Clean and Maintain

    Sealcoating reduces maintenance costs considerable as it is easier to clean and maintain.

  6. Safer for Drivers

    Sealcoating provides added texture that improves driving safety. Over time, a pavement surface will become worn and the aggregate particles will become smooth and polished. When this happens, the roadway becomes more slippery and makes it difficult to stop suddenly. Sealcaoting increases surface friction with its added texture and allow safer roadways.

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