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Even though asphalt alone is a robust paving material, getting your asphalt surface sealcoated for extra protection is always recommended. Sealcoating is essentially a protective layer for your roads and pavement – and protects the integrity of your asphalt’s structure from crumbling apart.

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Your commercial parking lot’s condition says a lot about how much you care about your visitors. A poorly marked parking lot with faded lines and signs will leave a very negative first impression on your customers. To avoid this from happening, businesses must step up their parking lot game and revamp their lines, signage, and arrow markings to improve their visitors’ driving experience.

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Concrete has long been a promising paving material option for centuries – and it is understandable why. It has proven to be one of the most durable, strongest, and most low-maintenance options, amongst many other paving materials in the market. When opting for concrete, you can expect your roads, driveways, and parking lots to easily last decades longer than any other construction material.

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Paver Sealer

We are big advocates of using paver sealer on all of our brick paver installations. Why, you ask? Well, the best analogy is that paver sealer is similar to waxing your car. Like car wax, paver sealer protects your newly installed bricks from premature fading due to sun exposure. It also helps keep your pavers cleaner longer, prevents the absorption of oils and stains, and brings out the true colors in your brick pavers by giving them a wet look.

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Draining & Utilities

An important aspect of any parking lot or roadway is the drainage system and the accompanying drainage structures, like the catch basin above. Structures that do not function properly or the surrounding surface that does not allow water to flow properly, invite serious liability issues as well as expediting deterioration of the asphalt.

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Speciality Coating

If your coating and maintenance needs extend beyond sealcoating, Matas Paving & Sealcoating Services can deliver with our Specialty Coatings division. Athletic & Sports Surfacing...

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Infrared Asphalt Repairs

From eliminating liability issues without major impact to customers and employees, Infrared Asphalt Repairs are ideal for any and all pavement liability issues. Potholes create serious liability issues in parking lot and roadway areas due to the potential hazard to vehicles and to pedestrians.

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Milling is a process used to plane or scarify the pavement surface to an appropriate depth before it is covered with a new layer of asphalt.

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