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Parking Lot Construction & Maintenance

For parking lots across Long Island, we have provided planning, new construction, repair and maintenance services from our team of parking area experts.


Power Sweeping

Existing pavement surfaces are swept and thoroughly cleaned by using mechanical sweepers and walk behind blowers. All sand, dirt and other foreign materials are collected and disposed of off site. All of our sweepers are equipped with side and rear brooms and spray attachments provide a continuous stream of water when the sweeper is in operation, making the cleaning ability even more powerful.

Crack Filing

When filling in cracks in existing parking areas, a hot asphalt rubber sealant material is placed in between joints and cracks. Most cracks that are ¼” to 1” wide in existing pavement and hot asphalt can be filled and repaired. Prior to the application of hot asphalt rubber sealant or asphalt, all joints and cracks will be thoroughly prepped – our team will clean to remove dust, dirt, grass, moisture and foreign materials. As a side note, this type of project must be planned for – for the best results, all traffic should not be allowed to travel on freshly sealed joints and cracks until the material has sufficiently cured.

Seal Coating

To begin our seal coating process, all of the existing pavement is thoroughly cleaned of all foreign material. Following the cleaning, an application of Velvetop Sealer is applied using fine brushes that are specifically made for the sealing process. As with all of our projects, we take the time to pay attention to the details, ensuring that special attention is made not to get sealer on any and all non paved areas.

Tac Coating

During the tac coating process, a tac coat material, which consists of an emulsion based material, is applied to the surface of the area being treated. Before we apply the tac coating we ensure that all areas are completely clean and free from all dirt, sand and any other foreign material. The bituminous tac coating material is applied using a pressure type distributor or an approved equal.

Hot Oil And Stone

To start this process, all surfaces are cleaned of all dirt, sand or any other foreign material. Cleaning is professionally performed with a municipal road sweeper or a walk behind blower. After the cleaning, we apply a single coat of hot oil emulsion with a pressure type distributor. Once that material meets the proper tackiness, the colored stone of your choice is applied. After the initial uniform application of stone has been applied, the stone is hand raked in place. Finally, we roll stone in place until all needed areas are sealed.