We are the leading company that installs pavers, fix your driveway, your business parking lot, snow removal, road construction and more. We serve all of Suffolk, Nassau and Queens Counties. Occasionally, we will venture as far west as Brooklyn Palm Beach or The Bronx, New York, however, we typically reserve those trips for larger projects. Most of our work is residential simply because there is a consistent demand for brick pavers from homeowners throughout South Florida. We do great commercial work too though. Be it for municipalities, counties, hotels, home owner’s associations, golf courses, or shopping malls, we do it all. Our business has grown every year since we started thanks to the support of our clientele.



We offer free estimates for all projects and generally we are available Monday through Saturday. Our goal with every job is to change the way you feel about your home or property. We accomplish this through a thorough evaluation of your project site, a discussion about paver options, our guidance through the product selection process, and an extreme attention to detail and quality on every finished product. We are proud to serve and are licensed to service all of Longisland, New York.


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