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For over 30+ years, we have served with dedication and excellence.

Mata’s Paving & Sealcoating is a family owned and operated site work contractor that has been satisfying customers throughout Longisland, New York since 1987 specializing in excavating, grading, asphalt paving and driveway/parking field services throughout LongIsland and the New York Tri-state area.

We are fully licensed and insured to operate in Suffolk, Nassau and throughout the New York City area.
Nassau LIC: H2303120000
Suffolk LIC: 31029-H
New York City LIC: 1278129

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Our longevity is a testament of our dedication to our customers and the paving industry!

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We take pride in providing the best possible solutions to you, our Longisland customers at your needs and at the fairest prices we can offer.

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Comprehensive & Professional Asphalt maintenance, Construction services

Our philosophy has always been to provide the reliability and quality workmanship that our customers expect. We guarantee that all jobs will be performed to the highest standards and meet your expectations.  When inevitable issues arise, we are fully committed to turning these into positive experiences.  For more than 30 years we have stood by this promise!

Specialists In Asphalt

Curbs & Concrete

Curbs play an essential role in asphalt paving, as they help control drainage and keep pedestrians safe. If you consider installing asphalt pavement on your property, it is vital to understand the different types of curbs available.


Asphalt Sealcoating

Even though asphalt alone is a robust paving material, getting your asphalt surface sealcoated for extra protection is always recommended. Sealcoating is essentially a protective layer for your roads and pavement – and protects the integrity of your asphalt’s structure from crumbling apart.



Your commercial parking lot’s condition says a lot about how much you care about your visitors. A poorly marked parking lot with faded lines and signs will leave a very negative first impression on your customers. To avoid this from happening, businesses must step up their parking lot game and revamp their lines, signage, and arrow markings to improve their visitors’ driving experience.


Draining & Utilities

Our Construction division can deliver for you, whether your needs are complete parking lot construction or a simple drainage structure repair. An important aspect of any parking lot or roadway is the drainage system and the accompanying drainage structures, like the catch basin above.


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